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Low productivity and high employee turnover affect the growth of organizations. We impart education-based solutions to Corporates to manage their employees effectively and help them climb up the career ladder. Our comprehensive, multi-modal and multi-university learning platform solutions foster a culture of learning in any organisation.


Exclusive degree, diploma and certification programs for employees in collaboration with our partner Universities to create a better-skilled workforce that now has the required qualification to rise in the organization
WorkX integrates online, classroom and practical on-job training to make students experienced and employable. It is aimed at creating a sustainable people supply chain solution through our exclusive partnerships with Universities
Task-based and customised learning modules that are tuned to suit specific employee roles and functions in companies, developed in collaboration with universities.
A comprehensive platform that facilitates organisations to conduct pre-joining induction, training, assessments, goal setting and documentation for new hires, making them 'joining-ready'
Innovative training and e-learning content development in multiple languages for measurable outcomes in employees